Geometallurgy Workshop for Mining Industry Professionals


Presenter Ian Lipton

Duration Two days

Why take this course

The use of geometallurgy to provide more complete knowledge of an ore body before mining is essential as the mining industry exploits progressively lower grade, and more metallurgically challenging ore bodies. In this introductory course participants will be guided through a geometallurgical approach to orebody definition, mine operations, and project optimization.

What will be covered

A wide range of methods for the collection and analysis of geometallurgical data for feasibility studies and mine operations will be discussed. This will include methods for assessment of ore hardness and its impact on comminution, spectral logging for mineral species mapping, and multi-element geochemistry. Case histories will be used to demonstrate the practical application of these techniques.

The workshop will examine how multivariate analysis and three-dimensional modelling are used to interpret geometallurgical data and generate resource models containing processing response variables. Such models are a fundamental input to dynamic strategic optimization studies that provide optimized economic outcomes and permit mapping of risk and opportunity throughout the life of the proposed operation.

Who will benefit from this course

The course will be of interest to a wide range of mining professionals responsible for advanced exploration projects, feasibility studies, ore/grade control and mine operations. It will provide them with the knowledge to identify opportunities to use geometallurgy to improve mine profitability.

About the presenter

Ian Lipton, Principal Geologist / Geometallurgy Practice Leader

Ian  has more than 35 years of experience in mining geology, resource evaluation, and exploration, across more than 16 commodities. Ian’s mining expertise includes resource estimation, grade control, feasibility studies, technical audits and reviews, due diligence studies, independent technical specialist reports, and valuations. Ian has been promoting geometallurgy for project improvement for more than 15 years and has been involved in a variety of geometallurgical investigations including throughput estimation, hardness and rock strength measurement, assessing the correlations between downhole geophysical logs, drill penetration data and ore hardness, sulphide flotation studies, and using multi-element geochemistry to characterize ore beneficiation processes.

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