Carbon: Saint or Sinner? A talk by Mark Burnett

Mark Burnett is a Principal Geologist at AMC Consultants. He has more than 25 years of experience in the mining industry and has had extensive exposure to the mining value chain, including early-stage exploration projects, shaft sinking, operational mines, mergers, acquisitions, and asset disposals. Mark has worked on a variety of Witwatersrand gold mines, commencing his career on Western Areas Gold Mine (West Shaft).

The Solent Regional Group is pleased to host this presentation by AMC Consultants’ Mark Burnett. This presentation will provide the interested listener with a high-level view of the Witwatersrand Goldfields (and some history), and day-to-day geology as experienced on mines that operate below 2 km.

The Witwatersrand is the world’s largest known deposit of gold, located in the central portion of the Kaapvaal Craton, South Africa.
A strong, qualitative, relationship exists between carbon and gold; with carbon being developed as thin seams or as disseminated black flecks, referred to as ”fly speck carbon”. As with the origin of gold and uranium, the source of carbon (“kerogen”) in Witwatersrand reefs has been the subject of much debate, primarily due to the strong correlation that it has with these metals. Two models have been proposed for the presence of carbon in Witwatersrand conglomerates:

  • Carbon seams being the remnants of early “algae” that trapped gold and uranium either via physical, chemical, or biological means; or
  • The carbon precipitated from hydrocarbon gas and liquid phases; simultaneously precipitating gold and/or uranium.

Whist the presence of carbon is generally an explicit indicator of high metal value, it adds additional complications to the sampling and mining processes due to its soft and friable nature, with gold frequently being “lost”. Some of the latest thinking and research on the evolution and metallogeny of this world-class deposit will also be presented.

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