Geometallurgy Workshop for Mining Industry Professionals

This on-demand workshop, provides industry professional with the knowledge to identify opportunities to use geometallurgy to improve mine profitability. It discusses a wide range of methods for the collection and analysis of geometallurgical data for feasibility studies and mine operations, including methods for assessment of ore hardness and its impact on comminution, spectral logging for mineral species mapping, and multi-element geochemistry. It uses case histories to demonstrate the practical application of these techniques.

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SGX enhanced listing rules: Opportunities for Australian miners

In July 2018, South East Asia's growing IPO fundraising venue, the Singapore Exchange (SGX), announced enhanced listing rules. What do these changes entail and what does it mean for minerals companies in WA? As part of AMC Consultants' MineSmarter Series, we are pleased to team up with the SGX to host this seminar featuring Chong Lek, Director (SGX), and industry legend, Peter Stoker, Principal Geologist, (AMC). The seminar is a must for minerals companies interested in understanding the potential the SGX offers in terms of connectivity to Asia and rest of the world.

SGX enhanced listing rules: Opportunities for Australian miners2018-09-12T07:03:15+00:00