At our core, we answer four key needs. While our Smart Data System, built over 30 years, underpins everything.

The need to evaluate a potential mining project or investment.

  • Feasibility Reports
  • Corporate Advisory
  • Due Diligence

The need to develop a world-class mining operation.

  • Geology
  • Metallurgy
  • Mining
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Engineering services

The need to unlock and implement hidden improvements in your operation.

  • Phase 1: Performance diagnostic
  • Phase 2: Plans into action
  • Phase 3: Embed improvements

The need for a transformative change in strategy.

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We help our clients mine smarter. Whether it’s planning a new mine or improving the productivity of an existing one, your bottom line will benefit from our unparalleled mix of operational experience, industry insight, and up-to-date performance data.

Our team specializes in surface and underground mines and commodities from base metals to gold, iron ore to mineral sands, and coal to diamonds, using a suite of tools to help safely maximize return on investment and solve complex engineering problems.

Over the past three decades, AMC has delivered mine planning services to nearly every mining company in Australia and hundreds of others around the world. Our planning methodology is built on a foundation of expertise in industry-leading practices and the latest technology.

Our services span strategic planning, operational planning, drafting services, simulations, and scheduling whilst our dedicated engineering services team has world-renowned global experts in ventilation and backfill.

Operational support
We provide skilled engineers to augment your own technical teams when their capacity or capabilities are stretched by new projects and special studies.

Operational improvement
No matter how skilled and experienced your mining team is or how technically advanced your mining systems are, your stakeholders expect continuous improvement. Head over to meet our Improve team to find out how AMC can help you unlock and implement hidden improvements in your operation.

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Feasibility reports

Our ability to provide accurate and timely reports from scoping to feasibility helps our clients mine smarter. Drawing on experience from the delivery of more than 8,000 projects in over 100 countries on 6 continents, we provide the information needed to make informed decisions about the scale, size, and feasibility of projects.

Scoping studies
Our conceptual or scoping studies for proposed surface or underground mines provide preliminary estimates of the mining method, production rate, and costs to enable our clients to make informed decisions about the scale, scope, and viability of a new project. 

AMC also conducts pre-feasibility studies for new or expanded surface or underground mines, including resource evaluation, mining method studies, preliminary design, schedules, and cost estimates to +/- 20 per cent.

Feasibility studies
AMC will also manage and coordinate comprehensive final or definitive feasibility studies that provide detailed cost estimates to bankable standards of +/- 10–15 per cent and a formal technical risk assessment.

For almost any surface or underground project in commodities ranging from base metals to gold and uranium, iron ore to mineral sands, and coal to diamonds, our clients gain access to the most cutting-edge design and scheduling tools, including:

  • The Hill of Value project optimizer to optimize cut-off grades, production rates and project financials
  • OPMinCost for first principles cost-estimation models for open-pit mining
  • MCost for first principles cost-estimation models for underground mining

Our feasibility studies are trusted by the world’s major investment banks and mining companies, underpinning billions of dollars of investments.

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Our practical ability to turn strategy into action helps our clients mine smarter. Our ability to understand current performance, determine real drivers, and provide actionable advice is complemented by our ability to coach project leaders to successfully deliver outcomes.

The AMC database of mine-operating data includes metallurgical parameters that permit quantitative operating-cost benchmarking of metallurgical performance. We can help you mine smarter by:

  • Reviewing existing safety management systems
  • Undertaking metallurgical components of scoping and pre-feasibility studies
  • Designing and managing metallurgical testwork programs
  • Developing and mass balancing of flowsheet options
  • Providing expert and specialist reports for regulatory authorities
  • Conducting due diligence assessments for debt funding, acquisitions, and disposals
  • Providing valuations of development projects and mining operations
  • Providing advice on pyrometallurgical treatment of mineral processing concentrates

This means not only will you benefit from our expertise in technical and financial evaluations of projects and operating plants, but you’ll also see that expertise reflected in your bottom line, thanks to our integrated, whole-enterprise view of each project.

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Geotechnical engineering

Our geotechnical advice helps our clients mine smarter. Our unrivalled reputation for geotechnical expertise comes from proven success across the full range of mining methods and deposit styles, from small-scale selective narrow-vein mines to the world’s most productive bulk mining operations and largest open pits.

Our experience means we can maximize the potential of new projects and existing operations even in the most difficult mining conditions, such as those present in deep, high-stress underground mines with squeezing ground conditions or seismicity.

Our global geotechnical team includes some of the world’s leading experts in open stoping, caving, and narrow-vein mining methods as well as:

  • Slope analysis and design
  • Ground support
  • Stress analysis
  • Caving
  • Mine seismicity
  • Numerical modelling

Using innovative software to model granular flow in caving operations and analyze seismic data, we provide the world’s best advice for:

  • Mining method selection
  • Optimizing mine layouts and extraction sequences from a geotechnical perspective
  • Developing and implementing geotechnical data acquisition programs
  • Modelling alternate draw strategies in SLC and block caving mines
  • Ground control and seismic hazard management plans
  • Instrumentation and stress measurement programs
  • Longwall support modelling and monitoring
  • Operational support and mentoring
  • Audits and reviews
  • Critical risk and incident reviews

To get the balance right between risk and reward, you need sound advice from an experienced and trusted rock mechanics advisor driving industry-leading software.

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Our experience in most metals and coal helps our clients mine smarter. From uranium exploration and evaluation of nuggety gold deposits, to iron ore mineral resource estimation and geological evaluations, our world-renowned expertise helps you hit the mother lode.

Using the most up-to-date geostatistical and resource estimation modelling software and techniques, we produce auditable mineral resource models meeting best-practice international reporting standards such as the JORC Code, NI43-101, and SAMREC Code. Our geologists are skilled, across:

AMC provides expert advice on exploration strategy and programmes, including quantitative analysis of exploration effectiveness. We also prepare technical reviews and valuation of exploration properties.

Resource Estimation
We are experts in database integrity, QA/QC methods, geological interpretation, geostatistics, resource modelling, grade estimation, resource classification and reporting standards, including JORC, NI 43-101 and SAMREC. We draw on our global experience in metallic and non-metallic minerals to deliver an effective technical and economic assessment.

Our global expert geologists also provide:

  • Resource Review and Audit
  • Independent Technical and Geological CP/QP Reports across all commodities
  • Expert witness services.
  • Mining Geology and Geological Benchmarking
  • Geological Uncertainty and Risk Assessment

It all adds up to the most robust assays, logs, samples, interpretations, models, estimates, and geological models available, helping you mine smarter.

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Engineering services

Our multidisciplinary approach helps our clients mine smarter. We earned our reputation as world leaders in backfill engineering by designing and developing some of the first paste fill systems in the world.

They are supported by a multidisciplinary team consisting of ventilation, tailings, underground infrastructure and and mechanical engineers, who use a blend of technical expertise and operational experience to provide fully integrated and practical solutions to technical challenges.

Backfill engineering
Properly engineered backfill plays an increasingly important role in the safety, stability, and profitability of underground mining operations. Inadequate designs and substandard operating practices can be extremely expensive. Today, our dedicated team of independent Backfill Engineers have completed more than 350 backfill projects around the world, including paste fill, hydraulic fill, and rock/aggregate fill, helping clients optimize operations for new and existing projects.

Ventilation engineering
AMC has developed computer simulation models for more than 50 mining operations globally, ranging in scale and complexity from simple series circuits with less than 100 airways to more complex models with over 3,000 airways and 30 primary circuit fans. We can assist and advise on any aspect of ventilation, including capacity planning, fan tests, surveys, simulations, fan specification, heat simulation, dust extraction, raise water, and training.

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Corporate advisory

Our truly independent reporting, assessments, valuations and investigations help our clients invest smarter.

Our team of senior professionals specialize in the preparation of expert documentation for a wide range of public and private requirements, bringing together multidisciplinary teams of technical specialists for small or large assignments, which cover:

Independent specialist reports

Our independent specialist reports support listings and capital raisings on all major international stock exchanges as well as independent project review services. These provide mining companies and financiers with sound, independent appraisals for any proposed transaction.

In addition, we have experts across the globe in:

  • Independent Qualified Person’s Reports (IQPR)
  • VALMIN compliant valuation reports
  • Lenders’ independent engineer services
  • QP responsibility for exploration results, resources, and reserves in all commodities and mining methods.
  • Disclosure responsibilities at initial listing stage and continuing compliance.
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The Improve three-stage process helps our clients mine smarter. Our team of world-class consultants have developed a proven process to ensure you are extracting every dollar of profit from your operation.

Having proven a 10x ROI for clients on multiple occasions — including a cost reduction of up to $1b for one client — we are confident that as a very minimum, Improve clients will uncover an upside at least equivalent to our fee.

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Geometallurgy is a cornerstone of AMC’s Mine Smarter approach.

It is a powerful multi-disciplinary lens through which mining projects are analyzed and optimized. It integrates geological, geotechnical, mining, hydrogeological, metallurgical, environmental, and economic information to provide a platform to improve project performance and increase net present value.

Geometallurgical solutions typically deliver step-change revenue increases of at least 10%. Combined with strategy optimization, insightful geometallurgical characterisation can improve NPV by 50% or more. Applied from the point of discovery, AMC’s geometallurgical approach reduces uncertainty in project design, and improves equipment selection, production planning, and cost estimation.

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The need for a transformative change in strategy.

How can I increase profit margins?

Is my mining strategy the best it can be?

What does new technology mean for my operation?

Why aren’t we performing to predictions?

If you are asking yourself any of these questions, then you’ll want to read on…

We’re a group of highly trained and specialized mining engineers, geologists, geotechnical engineers and data scientists hell-bent on finding smarter ways to mine.

The world is shifting. The future will be won by miners who can conquer data and turn it into actions. We want our clients to win.

We know data alone isn’t the answer.
So we collaborate with miners from around the world to redefine best practice.
We don’t just mine data; we extract and process it.
We build custom algorithms.
We turn the most elusive of insights into your advantage.
And in the end, we’ll find you mining transformation strategies you never knew existed.

Transform’s proprietary choice-modelling system, which is capable of modelling choices across hundreds of scenarios at break-neck speed, often providing answers before you know the question.

It evaluates choices across all aspects of your mine and provides end-to-end modelling across your whole business — from geology to financial drivers and everything in between.

Across 70 projects, we’ve delivered NPV increases of between 10 and 100%.


Show us your data, meet with our consultants, and we’ll show you what we can do.

How we work with our clients

We back ourselves. So rather than charging a fee, we’ll demonstrate what we can do, and all we ask is a small fraction of your upside.

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AMC Training and Workshops

We have a long history of providing practical technical workshops for all levels of mining staff. We offer a range of scheduled sessions, as well as on-demand, or tailored workshops that can be presented at your site.

All AMC training workshops count towards AusIMM and AIG Professional Development hours.

Carbon: Saint or Sinner? A talk by Mark Burnett

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Geometallurgy Workshop for Mining Industry Professionals

Presenter: Ian Lipton, on-demand

This on-demand workshop, provides industry professional with the knowledge to identify opportunities to use geometallurgy to improve mine profitability. It discusses a wide range of methods for the collection and analysis of geometallurgical data for feasibility studies and mine operations, including methods for assessment of ore hardness and its impact on comminution, spectral logging for mineral species mapping, and multi-element geochemistry. It uses case histories to demonstrate the practical application of these techniques.

For more information, please contact Ian Lipton, on-demand

Cut-off Grades and Optimization of the Strategic Mine Plan (one day)

Presenter: Brian Hall

This seminar provides important insights into what really generates value in mining operations, and is suited to everyone in the industry with an interest in maximizing value; from the CEO to the junior mining engineer and geologist, as well as industry investors and analysts. Designed to remove the mystique surrounding cut-offs, it deals with the why, when, and how of cut-off determination, from simple break-even grades, through Lane’s methodology, to complex strategy optimization (of which cut-off policy is a critical part), in both underground and open-pit contexts. A shorter “executive summary” presentation designed to provide an overview for senior executives is also available.

For more information, please contact Brian Hall

Project Evaluation (two days)

Presenter: Brian Hall

This workshop provides important insights into what needs to be included in a rigorous evaluation of a mining project, regardless of size. It is particularly suited to technical and financial staff in the industry who are involved at all levels of project evaluation, to ensure that the best possible information is provided to corporate decision-makers. It covers the basic theory of discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, and progresses to the application of this in a full project evaluation. This includes consideration of the selection of the discount rate, before-tax and after-tax analyses, and the effects of inflation. It consists of both theoretical and practical sessions. Participants work on real problems to reinforce and consolidate the principles presented.

For more information, please contact Brian Hall

Cut-off Grades, Strategy Optimization, and Project Evaluation (two days)

Presenter: Brian Hall

This seminar provides the key classroom sessions of the above two courses in an intensive two day classroom setting. By eliminating the repetition of some material common to both, as well as the practical sessions, participants are able to gain an understanding of the primary principles of both topics, which are inter-related in practice. The course notes provided cover the full set of material presented in both courses.

For more information, please contact Brian Hall

Introduction to Sampling Theory and Practice (half day)

Presenter: Peter Stoker

This workshop provides an introduction to Gy’s sampling theory and a workable spreadsheet and set of assumptions derived from Dominique François-Bongarçon’s work to enable development of robust sampling nomograms.

For more information, please contact Peter Stoker

The Exploration Process, Mineral Resources, Ore Reserves, and Public Reporting (two days)

Presenter: Peter Stoker

This workshop is aimed at non-geologists, and provides an overview of the processes and activities associated with exploration, the estimation of mineral resources and ore reserves, and requirements for public reporting of such work. The workshop was originally prepared for the Australian Securities Exchange.

For more information, please contact Peter Stoker