In pre-production and need to know which data is production-critical?

Unsure if your feasibility design is right for the whole orebody?

Plant feed variability is reducing throughput or recovery?

Unsure if your operating strategy is optimal for the life-of-mine?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to read on…

Geometallurgy is a powerful multidisciplinary lens through which mining projects are analyzed and optimized. It integrates geological, geotechnical, mining, metallurgical, environmental, and economic information to provide a platform to improve project performance and increase value.

Get the most from your data

Whether you are drilling to define the resource or already processing ore, our team shows you how to structure and fine-tune your data collection so that your data can be used to get maximum leverage from conventional metallurgical testwork or production data.

Using advanced statistical methods and machine learning, we identify relationships that provide better predictions about ore behaviour during mining, processing, and waste disposal.

Improved decision-making

We integrate these ore characteristics and predicted responses with your resource model to create a holistic three-dimensional geometallurgical model. This model provides a platform for strategic optimization, production scheduling, and mine design.

If you have production data, we use machine learning and digital twin methods to further refine the geometallurgical model, and short- and long-term plans.

Geometallurgical solutions typically deliver step-change revenue increases of at least 10%. Combined with strategy optimization, insightful geometallurgical characterization can improve NPV by 50% or more. Applied from the point of discovery, AMC’s geometallurgical approach reduces uncertainty in project design, and improves equipment selection, production planning, and cost estimation.

Recent result

A leading gold mining company engaged AMC’s Geometallurgy Team to complete a thorough evaluation of processing options for one of its projects, in preparation for a prefeasibility study. AMC designed an integrated field and laboratory programme that ensured the right data was collected from the outset.

“The geometallurgical programme AMC designed allowed us to gain maximum leverage from conventional metallurgical testwork. By correlating the comminution test results with the physical and geochemical characteristics of the ore, the crushing and grinding response could be predicted across the whole orebody, providing us with the confidence to move forward.” — Vice President, Mineral Resources

You can look forward to

Less variability, better control of feed to the process plant, and greater throughput.

More reliable scheduling, improved process control, and increased metal recovery.

Optimized fragmentation through the chain of drill and blast, crushing and grinding

Holistic optimization of mine development strategy without reliance on assumptions and averages

Increased revenue, increased NPV, and lower costs


Our multi-disciplinary team of experts will help you assess where you are in your geometallurgy journey and help you take the next step towards improving your project. Whether you have a new discovery or a mature mining operation, AMC can help you extract more value from your assets.


Meet some of our Geometallurgy Team

Our geometallurgy team encompasses experts in a number of fields and AMC locations. Below are some of the key members of this team:

Ian Lipton

Advisory Lead / Principal Consultant

Daniel Kahler

Principal Mining Engineer

Rob Chesher

Principal Metallurgist

Andrew Millar

Principal Metallurgist

Matthew Nimmo

Principal Geoscience and Mining Data Analyst

Adrian Penney

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Tracie Burrows

Geology Manager

about our team

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