Webinar: The Capabilities of Modern Mine Planning Software

Are you positioned to reap the benefits of the upturn in the mining industry? Are you using the current resurgence in commodity prices to concentrate on strategy optimization to ensure your operations move from a cost-focused mindset to one centered on value maximization?

In this webinar, Philippe Lebleu discussed the newest generation of mine planning software and how it helps miners optimize complex operations well into their future. Watch the video recording to the left.

Recent advances in open pit strategic mine planning software enable the optimization of intricate mining problems associated with a complex and vast array of parameters and constraints. These programs simultaneously optimize the mining sequence, cut-off grade selection, mining equipment number and capital expenditure to maximize the net present value (NPV) of a project or deliver on corporate goals.

Drawing on his more than 20 years industry experience, Philippe explored how this software allows for rapid evaluation of complex problems and helps engineers and management make educated decisions regarding the best mine development or optimization strategy to adopt. He showed why these modern techniques should be adopted at the strategic or life-of-mine planning level to ensure mines are developed in the most valuable fashion within the bounds of practical mining.

Philippe Lebleu

Open Pit Manager / Principal Mining Engineer

Philippe Lebleu is a principal open pit mining engineer with 20 years of experience. He has extensive operational experience in iron ore, copper, gold, and aggregates in Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Malaysia, with mines moving up to 90 Mtpa. His consulting experience spans various commodities and includes project management and site work in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and arctic environments.

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