Webinar: Reduce dilution in mechanized narrow vein mining

About this webinar:

In this free webinar, narrow vein mining (NVM) expert, Paul Salmenmaki, used a case study to explore three areas that should be monitored to optimize dilution for mechanized NVM methods in operating mines.

It offers viewers a list of actionable recommendations for use in both longhole open stoping (LHOS) as well as mechanized cut and fill (CAF) mining methods. The live webinar took pace on 27 May 2020. Click the button below to download the PDF of the presentation and scroll down to watch the Q&A replay from both the sessions.


Webinar Recording:

Q&A from session 1

Q&A from session 2

About Paul Salmenmaki, P.Eng., Principal Mining Engineer

Paul is a mining engineer with more than 20 years of experience in mine engineering services, mining operations, explosives and blasting consulting, and all levels of studies from scoping to feasibility. His expertise has largely been developed in the field of underground copper-nickel mines, industrial minerals, narrow vein precious metal deposits, and aggregates. He has also worked on numerous technical studies and authored an article in the E&MJ for dilution mitigation, which examined narrow vein drift and fill, as well as longhole open stoping mining methods, and suggested improvements for drill and blast designs, and equipment utilization of existing and proposed fleets.

He is a proficient user of a number of mining software packages, including Datamine Studio 3, CAE Studio 5D Planner, EPS Scheduler, Deswik CAD, Integrated Scheduler and Scheduler, and AutoCAD.

About Paul and webinar intro

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