Webinar: Reduce Ore Loss and Dilution

About this webinar:

Blast-induced rock mass displacement can have a significant impact on ore loss and dilution, which can lead to significant financial losses. To minimize it, it is necessary to accurately measure and model blast movement.

In this free webinar, Senior Mining Engineer, Wayne Rogers, explored the application of recent developments in measurement and modelling of blast movement and introduces a stochastic approach to blast movement modelling. The stochastic model is shown to be a quick and effective method to account for the inherent variability of blast movement and can alleviate the need to continually measure blast movement for every blast.


Webinar Recording:

Session 1 Q&A

Session 2 Q&A

Wayne Rogers is a senior mining engineer with fifteen years operational and technical experience in open pit design, planning, scheduling, and drill-and-blast optimization. His expertise includes mine planning and design, scheduling, drill and blast, production engineering, and feasibility studies. He has strong site-based experience in blast movement and dilution management projects, drill-and-blast optimization, and mine-to-mill process optimization. Wayne published several technical papers in international journals. Wayne has also completed a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in the field of reducing ore loss and dilution in open pit mines, at the Sustainable Minerals Institute, UQ, Australia.

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