AMC Consultants launches new brand at the PDAC 2018 Conference

AMC Consultants (AMC) chose this year’s PDAC conference to launch its new brand and website. Guided by a fresh focus—mine smarter—the move signals a new chapter for this veteran of mining that sees a bright future for the industry.

The brand was launched on 4 March at the Mining 4 Beers PDAC event, of which AMC was also a sponsor. Led by Managing Director, Patrick Smith, representatives from AMC’s global offices gathered to mark this important milestone. The launch was well attended by both local Toronto and global industry guests, and covered by leading industry publications.

Five years after the downturn, the now recovering mining industry is leaner, more agile, and hungry for the best talent to create long-term, sustainable value. With this in mind, September last year, we embarked on a process of exploration of our strengths and what makes our approach unique. The result is a new brand and focus that reflect our continued commitment to the mining industry and our mission to continue helping our clients find smarter ways to mine and uncover hidden value”, said Managing Director, Patrick Smith.

Ryan McEachern, the Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada’s (MSTA)Managing Director said, “we are very pleased that AMC decided to launch its new brand and website at the PDAC Conference here in Toronto. As one of the largest mining supply and services industry associations in the world, it is encouraging to have such respected advisors marking this important milestone in our market.


As part of its Mine Smarter series for the PDAC Conference, AMC also presented two breakfast workshops at the Marché. One on geological risk by Geology Manager (the UK), Justin Glanvill, and a second one on best practices in underground mining by Managing Director, Patrick Smith. Both events were well received by full audiences from both Canadian and international companies.

About AMC Consultants

AMC Consultants (AMC) is a global consultancy firm dedicated to helping miners find smarter ways to unearth hidden business value. It helps mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.

At its core, AMC answers four key needs: evaluate, develop, improve, and transform. Since 1983, AMC has helped miners evaluate potential mining projects or investments and develop world-class mining operations. While its Improve and Transform divisions have delivered more than $5 billion in bottom-line growth opportunities.

With 8,000+ projects for 1,800+ clients in 111+ countries across 60+ commodities, AMC’s global team has seen most challenges. And chances are, it has created a smarter solution to solve them by using its smart data system. Built over 30 years, it is the world’s most comprehensive site-level validated data and it underpins every AMC report. This data also powers AMC’s Dynamic Mining Intelligence™, which provides data-driven advice so miners understand where their next win is, fast.

Beyond its data, it is AMC’s unique approach and its people that keep clients coming back year after year. AMC’s Geometallurgical Assessment assesses each operation like the living, breathing ecosystem it is, providing miners with the complete picture. In addition, AMC only employs career miners, people who understand both the art and science of mining, and won’t avoid the reality of the challenge.

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