Long-term association embodied in a Collaboration Agreement

A long-term AMC association with Zhu Yang Yang of the Global Mining Center of Excellence (GMCoE) in Beijing was formalized with the signing of a collaboration agreement on 9 April, 2016 in Sydney.

Peter Stoker, who has worked with GMCoE on a number of projects, signed the agreement with Zhu Yang Yang on behalf of AMC. Peter has previously worked with GMCoE on the due diligence study of an iron ore project in preparation for a Chinese standard valuation, and a number of JORC Code training courses. The GMCoE has provided Chinese staff for AMC projects in China, and assisted AMC in securing client’s agreement to AMC proposals by providing local representation for AMC in Beijing. The agreement, which is not exclusive, provides the basis for collaboration in exploring, identifying and potentially executing common projects to the mutual benefit of AMC and GMCoE.

The agreement sets up the mechanism to jointly provide professional technical services to Chinese mining corporations, thereby expanding the markets and improving the international profile of both AMC and GMCoE.