Digging Deeper COVID-19 Edition

Editorial: Hard times, low grades, more efficient mines

The COVID-19 crisis is driving most forms of business to improve efficiencies, transform operating practices, and learn what really can be done when employees are working and helping children learn from home. In this editorial, Peter McCarthy explores some of the ways in which this pandemic will shape our industry in the years to come.


Infographic: A way forward

In this interactive infographic, Bryan Pullman shares some aspects to consider during this period of uncertainty to help you get your mine ready for when restrictions are lifted.


Geologist: Professional Reducer-of-Uncertainty?

In this article, veteran geologist Chris Arnold, re-defines the role of geologist as Professional Reducer-of-Uncertainty, a very fitting task in these particularly uncertain times.


Featured webinar: Reduce dilution in narrow vein mining

In this free webinar, NVM expert, Paul Salmenmaki, used a case study to explore three areas that should be monitored to optimize dilution for mechanized NVM methods in operating mines. Attendees will come away with a list of actionable recommendations for use in both longhole open stoping (LHOS) as well as mechanized cut and fill (CAF) mining methods.

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COVID-19 and Plan B

In this article, mine planning expert, Bryan Pullman, discusses how the current situation has highlighted the importance of having a Plan B when it comes to mine planning.

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Infographic: Temporary suspension

Are you facing a temporary suspension of operations? This infographic by Meredith Goss suggests some areas of consideration to facilitate an orderly re-start to your mining operation.


On-demand webinar

Continuing on the topic of dilution, in this on-demand webinar, Wayne Rogers, explores the stochastic model as a tool to aid in reducing blast-induced ore loss and dilution.

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Welcome to the team!

We welcome Principal Mining Engineers Pooya Mohseni and Gener Tucker to the global AMC team. Together they bring almost four decades of mining industry experience.


We’ve got you covered during this period of uncertainty with infographics, videos, case studies, webinars, and articles!

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