Digging Deeper February 2020

Editorial: Current challenges and opportunities for the minerals industry

The greatest challenge our industry faces today is the growing public antipathy to mining projects, exacerbated by events such as tailings dam failures and facilitated by social media.

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Geology 4.0: The end?

What impact will the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ have for geologists, the way they are taught, practice their craft, or even just fade away? In this article, Mark Burnett explores this next phase of evolution.

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Slope monitoring

In this article based on an interview with Meredith Goss, the Engineering & Mining Journal digs into the challenges that open-pit operators are currently up against.

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AMC’s growing team in Toronto returns to PDAC 2020 Conference with another installment of the MineSmarter series. This time it includes a global webinar and AMC’s sponsorship of the PDAC Mining4Beer event. We look forward to welcoming delegates at booth #448.

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Peter Stoker is awarded order of Australia Medal

This Australia Day, 26 January,  Peter Stoker, was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for service to the mining sector. AMC would like to congratulate Peter for this exceptional and well-deserved honour.

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Welcome to AMC!

Our offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth welcome Marie Sexton (Principal Mining Engineer), Ed Northcote (Principal Mechanical Engineer), and David Andrews (Principal Mining Engineer) to their teams respectively. Welcome to our global team!

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Congratulations on your new roles!

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