Business as usual at AMC: Our approach to COVID-19

12 June 2020

With the outbreak of COVID-19 affecting businesses all around the world, AMC’s COVID-19 Team has been closely monitoring the situation and adapting to the rapidly changing conditions. We are committed to playing our part in reducing the risk of people being exposed and containing the spread of the virus. In mid-March, we held all meetings remotely where possible and enabled at-risk staff to work from home. Shortly after, our entire staff moved over to virtual office mode. In early May, our team in Perth went back to the office, followed by our office in Brisbane a couple of weeks later, and our office in Adelaide at the start on June. All three are using a Team A/B approach and observing strict social distancing measures. Staff from these offices in the at-risk category or who share a household with people in the at-risk category will continue to work from their virtual offices until deemed safe to return to our physical offices. This also applies to all staff in our other five offices as per the recommendations of local health authorities.

While the health and safety of all AMC employees and clients is our number one priority, business continuity is also a priority. At AMC, it is business as usual and we are focused on helping our clients to solve problems by delivering successful projects. We are fortunate to have the ability for 100% of our staff to work from home and attend all meetings via Skype and Teams. This, along with a strong remote work culture due to the flexible working arrangements we offer our staff and the global nature of our project teams, has meant that our staff has been able to apply self-isolation procedures where appropriate without any disruptions to our work.

We are working hard to maintain the high levels of collaboration that exist when our staff is in the office through initiatives like virtual lunchtime catch-ups, virtual pub and Friday night drinks , and virtual birthday celebrations. In addition, our project managers are working with clients to ensure project delivery in the context of COVID-19 and finding solutions to any concerns they may have.

As this virus and the world’s response to the virus continue to evolve and more information is published by the World Health Organization and Government sources, AMC’s policies and procedures may change, and additional measures may be applied. Our COVID-19 Team will meet at the end of each week to review the evolving situation, the current policies and procedures and discuss any required changes. More frequent meetings and communications will occur if required.

We thank our staff and clients for their support in implementing the above measures that will assist in the containment of COVID-19 while maintaining business as usual.

Patrick Smith
Managing Director and CEO, AMC Consultants

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