AMC’s team in Vancouver welcomes three new principals

It has been an exciting time for AMC’s office in Vancouver, with three new principals joining its team of experts. Bert Smith, General Manager -Vancouver welcomes David Warren, Randy Olafson, and Carl Kottmeier to the AMC family. The three new principals bring with them a combined 88 years of industry knowledge and expertise that will strengthen AMC’s Canadian and global service offering.

Randy Olafson is a mining consultant with 25 years of wide ranging experience from mechanical design to managing the development of an underground mine. With technical expertise in the areas of materials handling, mine planning and design, mine supervision, and contractor management, Randy will be a welcome addition to the Vancouver Mining Services team. He has hard rock, uranium, potash and cold weather experience Canada and the USA, and is a proficient user of Vulcan and AutoCAD.

Despite working almost exclusively in a mechanical/mining capacity, Randy has a well-rounded educational background that includes three years of mechanical engineering, several years as a designer in a mine setting, and a geology degree. Randy has worked for Mosaic, C.E.S.L., H. A. Simons, AMEC, Yukon Zinc, and Cameco. At Cameco McArthur River operations, he was responsible for getting approvals for two mining methods in uranium, Boxhole boring, and Long-hole drill and blast.

David Warren is a Mining Engineer with more than 35 years of mine operating and planning experience, mainly in open pits. His main strengths lie in evaluating, planning, developing start-ups, as well as troubleshooting mining projects, particularly open pits.

Proficient in English, French and Spanish, David spent 15 years working in French-speaking mine operations in Quebec, New Caledonia and Burkina Faso, as well as in Spanish-speaking countries including Ecuador, Chile, and Mexico, David is a valuable addition to the team in Vancouver and has previously worked for IAMGOLD (Essakane mine), Inco (Goro Nickel mine), Inmet Mining (Troilus mine) and Finmetals, and has experience in the oil and construction industry.

Carl Kottmeier is a Mining Engineer with 28 years’ experience in coal, copper, nickel, gold and silver projects in Canada and United States. His expertise includes mine design and construction, mine contracting, mine operations, blast design and optimization, technical reviews and audits, mine permitting, project management, due diligence studies, cost estimation and financial modelling. In 2003, Carl obtained an MBA from University of British Columbia in Supply Chain Management.

With a superior understanding of explosives used in the mining industry following his 14 years at Orica, Carl is an appreciated addition to the Mining Services team. He has also worked for Andritz Automation, Fortune Minerals, Teck Highland Valley Copper, North American Construction Group, Orica, and Cassiar Mining Corporation.