AMC’s global team celebrates new Manager and Principals

The past few months have been very busy for AMC’s global recruitment team. Our offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and the UK have all welcomed new staff all the way from interns to Managers.

We would like to highlight the most senior new additions to our team:

Ellen Morton, Geotechnical Manager (the UK)

Ellen has over 15 years experience as a Geotechnical Engineer primarily working in underground narrow vein ore bodies and mining research. Prior to joining AMC, Ellen has worked as a Geotechnical Engineer at Spotted Quoll Nickel Mine, Black Swan Nickel Mine and Kundana Gold Mine all within the Western Australian Goldfields region. Her role has involved the development of systems and processes for the management of geotechnical issues on each site for both the underground and open pit operations. Ellen’s main areas of expertise includes underground production geotechnical engineering in high-stress environments including yielding and dynamic conditions, seismic hazard management and the development of systems, and ground-support design for both static and dynamic conditions.

She has completed her Masters degree by research entitles “The static behaviour of large scale ground support panels”. The research involved the construction of the facility along with the development and analysis of test results. She is also in the process of finalising her Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) thesis entitled “Seismic response of large scale structures”.

Ian Squair, Principal Mining Engineer (Vancouver)

Ian has 26 years of extensive and varied experience in the mining industry. This has been acquired predominantly in site-based and open pit roles, across a range of commodities including precious and base metals, coal and aggregates across Canada, and the United States. This experience includes the full range of mine planning and design, financial modelling, project assessment and operations. He is an experienced user of various mine planning and optimization software programs. His previous roles have included project management and feasibility study management.

Originally from Alberta, Ian spent the early part of his career in the Southwestern US copper district, then in the Powder River Basin in Wyoming. After various other assignments throughout the western US and Canada, he now regards Vancouver as home.

Anastasia Boronina, Principal Hydrogeologist (Perth)

Anastasia has 22 years of experience in hydrogeology with a strong technical background in groundwater modelling and many years of experience conducting studies and reviews for mining projects.

Originally from Russia, Anastasia worked in research for civil and mining projects in Russia, the Middle East, and central Africa, including completion of a PhD in Natural Sciences. For the past 12 years, Anastasia has worked as a consulting Hydrogeologist for mining and civil projects worldwide. She also compiled the course at University of Western Australia for mining hydrogeology and aquifer testing and has been lecturing for this course for the past four years.

Aside from her PhD, Anastasia also has an engineering diploma in hydrogeology and engineering geology from the Mining Institute of St Petersburg. Her thesis was entitled “Upconing of natural brines to the open pit dewatering wells and the Korshunovsky iron ore deposit site, Siberia”. She has written or contributed to 20 scientific papers, three published scientific reports, and one book. Anastasia is also fluent in Russian, English and French.