AMC’s Geometallurgy Team

Geometallurgy is becoming an expected part of feasibility studies, mining operations and business improvement. It challenges traditional discipline-centric key performance indicators and requires top-down leadership, site-wide ownership and cross-disciplinary thinking. AMC has been advocating for a “Complete Picture” approach to mining for a number of years and is pleased it is becoming standard practice.

AMC’s unique approach to geometallurgy

The launch of our new brand and focus earlier this year also brought about an opportunity to refine and formalize our geometallurgy offering, making it a cornerstone of our unique MineSmarter approach. Our Geometallurgical Assessment is a unique multi-disciplinary approach to process improvement that allows us take a step back and assess our clients’ mine like the living, breathing ecosystem it is. It combines what are typically three separate reports— geological, metallurgical, and mining engineering — into one, delivering a more holistic view that connects the dots to deliver step-change revenue increases of between 5–15%. Applied at pre-feasibility stage or earlier, we’re confident we can find revenue increases closer to 50% or more.


Introducing AMC’s Geometallurgy Team

AMC is pleased to introduce its specialized Geometallurgy Team below, led by world-leading geometallurgy expert, Ian Lipton and backed by AMC’s global multidisciplinary team of experts.

Ian Lipton

Principal Geologist / Geometallurgy Practice Leader

Ian Lipton has more than 35 years of experience in mining geology, resource evaluation, and exploration, across more than 16 commodities. Ian’s mining expertise includes resource estimation, grade control, feasibility studies, technical audits and reviews, due diligence studies, independent technical specialist reports, and valuations. . Ian has been promoting geometallurgy for project improvement for more than 15 years and has been involved in a variety of geometallurgical investigations including throughput estimation, hardness and rock strength measurement, assessing the correlations between downhole geophysical logs, drill penetration data and ore hardness, sulphide flotation studies, and using multi-element geochemistry to characterize ore beneficiation processes.

Rob Chesher

General Manager, Brisbane / Principal Metallurgist

Rob has more than 40 years of experience in the mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. His expertise is in corporate and technical (metallurgical) consulting, focusing on operational and performance reviews, improvements, and optimization. In his roles he has been involved in studies and reviews at all levels in copper, gold, platinum, coal, nickel, and other base metals. He has a record of achieving significant and sustainable operational improvements across the mining, oil and gas, and manufacturing sectors. Rob joined AMC in 2012 as Principal Consultant and Corporate Manager, Brisbane. In April 2014, Rob was appointed General Manager, Brisbane.

Matthew Nimmo

Principal Geoscience and Mining Data Analyst

Matthew is a geologist with 25 years experience in the mining industry. After many years focused on mineral resource estimation and statistical modelling of geological data, Matthew branched out into more diverse analysis of geochemical, hydrology and geometallurgical data. Latterly, he worked as a data scientist for two years in the Maintenance Center of Excellence (McOE) at BHP, supporting their Total Equipment Strategy process.

Matthew is experienced in geostatistics, data cleaning, multivariate data analysis, data visualization, data validation, outlier detection, machine learning, optimization, classification, clustering, regression, dimension reduction, and applied computational intelligence. He is proficient with Datamine, Vulcan and R statistical programming and a variety of other software and programming languages. He qualifies as a CP/QP for a variety of commodities and deposit styles.

Andrew Millar

Principal Metallurgist

With more than 15 years in the mining industry, Andrew is experienced in the mining project life-cycle from discovery to operations. His expertise includes metallurgical testwork (bench and pilot plants), process engineering and flowsheet design, as well as plant operation and optimisation. Andrew also has a strong focus on techno-economic modelling and financial evaluation of process flowsheets.

In addition, Andrew has experience in a variety of unit processes including comminution, flotation, gravity separation, ore sorting, hydrometallurgical processes and pyrometallurgical processes and his commodity experience includes coal, zinc, gold, silver, copper and lead.


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