AMC Presents to Russian Experts

On 30 September 2016, AMC Principal Consultants Dean Carville, Vadim Louchnikov and Mark Chesher presented at the Russian Institute of Mineral Raw Materials (VIMS).

The event was part of a series for Russian GKZ experts on topics relevant to Resource and Reserve estimation.

The theme of the presentations and later discussions was contemporary methods of modelling data to provide better estimates for difficult orebodies and mining conditions. About 100 people attended the afternoon. The presentations were titled:

  1. “Contemporary Approaches to Mineral Resource Estimation”
  2. “Open Pit Ore Dilution and Ore Loss”
  3. “Geotechnical Aspects in JORC Reserves Estimates”

Discussion of the topics was lively and constructive. And attendees left with plenty to think about in the way modelling can be used to provide improved representations of the conditions that will be encountered during mining.

The main areas of interest were:

Needing to audit data effectively to develop a reliable basis for estimates.
Creating a comprehensive database of information to help with modelling and later auditting.
Developing resource estimates that reflect the geological controls on grade (assuming a reasonable expectation of successful mining), rather than estimates being produced within a framework defined by an economic cutoff grade.
Separating resource modelling (reflecting the deposit geology) and mine planning (reflecting project economic criteria).
Developing dilution and ore loss models that match the equipment size with the geological characteristics of the orebody.
Collecting sufficient geotechnical data to provide effective modelling of open pit slopes and underground openings to reduce technical risks.
Valuing reconciliations as a way to improve the models throughout the mine life.
An AMC core value is knowledge sharing. Presenting at such events is one way AMC can use our substantial technical experience to assist to improve industry performance.

Mark Chesher

Open Pit Manager / Principal Mining