AMC now represented on the board of the Singapore Mining Club

AMC is pleased to announce that one of its long-serving consultants, Ed Gleeson, Technical Manager Singapore, has been elected to the board of the Singapore Mining Club (SMC).

The SMC was formed in early 2014 by a small group of mining industry professionals who recognized the value that could be gained by establishing an active industry association to support Singapore’s growing mining industry. AMC was one of the founding sponsors of the Club.

Many of the SMC’s members are active participants in their respective professional bodies, such as The AusIMM. But given the incipient nature of the mining industry in Singapore, the Club’s founders felt that an organization with a broader subscription would be more effective at bringing the mining community together. The SMC attracts members with common interests but from diverse backgrounds that include mine operations, finance, technical services, private investment, law, and commodities trading.

The Club’s ultimate purpose is to promote the development of Singapore as the pre-eminent regional hub for the management and financing of mining enterprises. As a first step, simply creating a forum for regular networking and relationship-building is intended to foster additional commercial growth by making it easier to identify and communicate opportunities. As the SMC grows, it will provide a focal point and a vehicle for promoting recognition and understanding of the mining industry within Singapore.

Operating as a non-profit entity, the SMC is incorporated in Singapore as a company limited by guarantee. Its functions are managed by a governing Committee, comprising the Club’s board of directors, all of whom provide their time and support on a volunteer basis. In determining the SMC’s strategic direction, the Committee is advised and assisted by an Advisory Panel of experienced members of the industry.

Details of the SMC can be found on its website: AMC encourages those with mining interests in South-East Asia to consider joining the SMC.

Edward Gleeson

Technical Manager Singapore