AMC at CIM MEMO 2019

AMC returns to CIM MEMO (Maintenance, Engineering and Reliability/ mine Operator’s Conference) with a special presentation by ventilation expert, Kingsley Hortin on the topic of mine airflow determination in a transitioning underground environment. Under the banner of Defining our future, CIM MEMO will take place 20-23 October at the Coast Kamloops Hotel, Kamloops, BC, Canada.

About the presentation

When: Monday 21 October, 3.10PM
Where: Room Salon AB,
Session: Mining: Health and safety/ environment
Chair: Chair George Darling, Sandstorm Gold Royalties
Title: “Mine airflow determination in a transitioning underground environment”

One of the key decisions to be made in any phase of the design of a mine, after establishing the overall ventilation strategy, is the determination of the mine airflow. Whilst, at its core, is the safety and health of the underground workforce, this has flow-on impacts upon factors such as the sizing of airways, selection of fans, magnitude of refrigeration systems, as well as the operating costs over the life of the mine. Yet the determination of something so very important to the design and operation of a mine is, in many ways, quite contentious. Various methodologies for ascertaining the total mine airflow have been promulgated and have been the subject of papers, on-line debates and lively discussions amongst ventilation professionals. Further, underground mines are transitioning through an ever changing underground mining landscape that has a greater prevalence of electric mining equipment and the progressive removal of mine personnel from the underground environment. This paper explores approaches towards determining mine airflow that reflects the progression towards the underground mine of the future.

About the author

Kingsley Hortin , Principal Ventilation Consultant

Kingsley is a principal ventilation consultant with more than 25 years industry experience. He  has provided ventilation design, planning, and management expertise to a variety of underground operations. Kingsley’s work has included heat load studies, refrigeration plant sizing, ventilation optimization, ventilation on demand, and network modelling. He has participated in peer and risk reviews for various mining projects. This often includes undertaking site visits to conduct audits of mine ventilation systems.

About the presenter

Mo Molavi, Mining Services Manager. Principal Mining Engineer

Mo is an underground mining specialist with extensive experience in soft-rock mechanized mining. He has 35+ years of experience in the mining industry, including 25 years in Canadian potash mining. He joined AMC’s Vancouver office in 2010 as principal mining engineer. His technical expertise include underground mine design and planning, mechanical excavation and haulage systems, shaft and hoisting systems, rock mechanics and ground control in soft-rock mining, and mine ventilation. He has managed large feasibility studies, de-bottlenecking and expansion projects.