Digging Deeper May 2019

Welcome to this special edition of Digging deeper focusing on Geometallurgy! We bring you some exciting news about AMC winning a significant award, two articles on geometallurgy, and a brand new case study!

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Unearthing hidden value using pre-concentration techniques

2018 went in a flash and here we are in 2019! To open the new year, we have a thought-provoking editorial from Peter McCarthy and articles on autonomous haulage in OP mines and pre-concentration techniques. Enjoy!

Unearthing hidden value using pre-concentration techniques2019-02-26T18:18:57+00:00

Composite or variability samples for metallurgical testing?

Metallurgical tests are a critical input to mineral processing plant design and operating cost estimation. Compared to regular sampling and assaying for exploration and resource definition, metallurgical tests are expensive and require large sample masses. It’s not surprising then that the number of samples selected for metallurgical testing is relatively small.

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AMC’s Geometallurgy Team

Geometallurgy is becoming an expected part of feasibility studies, mining operations and business improvement. It challenges traditional discipline-centric key performance indicators and requires top-down leadership, site-wide ownership and cross-disciplinary thinking. AMC has been advocating for a "Complete Picture" approach to mining for years and is pleased this is becoming standard practice.

AMC’s Geometallurgy Team2019-05-06T15:49:22+00:00

Whole-of-mine optimization and geometallurgy

Geometallurgy may be defined as the integration of geological, geotechnical, mining, metallurgical, environmental, and economic information to provide a platform to increase the net present value of a deposit.

Whole-of-mine optimization and geometallurgy2019-05-14T09:35:15+00:00