Summer arrivals for AMC’s team in the UK

AMC’s office in the UK is very pleased to welcome three additions to the team, Senior Geologist, Kathy Zunica, who has transferred from AMC’s office in Melbourne, as well as Nigel Walls and Luke Rogers, who start their journey with AMC as Principal Mining Engineer and Senior Mining Engineer respectively.

Nigel is a chartered Mining Engineer with 34 years of international business experience in operations, managing feasibility studies, due diligence, operational readiness, project evaluation, and technical auditing.  He has experience working in a wide range of countries including most of sub-Sharan Africa, Eritrea, most CIS countries, Peru, Chile, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia and Germany. Nigel’s commodity experience includes coal, aggregates, gold, base metals and dimension stone.

Luke has more than 10 years of varied experience across Africa at operations and assisting junior companies develop projects as well as a stint in processing equipment. He possesses an undergraduate degree in mining and completed a masters course in mineral processing. Most of Luke’s mining experience is at open pit mines and projects. He has worked in  both production and planning experience in countries throughout Africa including Rwanda, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Zambia and Ghana.

A Senior Geologist with more than 13 years’ experience, Kathy’s background is in mineral resource estimation, coal exploration, and open-cut mining. She also works in the resource estimation and validation of narrow-vein gold and silver, VMS, porphyry copper, mineral sands, and basalt and limestone quarry projects. Using her considerable experience in coal resource estimation and software, Kathy has developed, and runs training for, a resource estimation manual for coal geologists.