At AMC, our purpose is to unearth a smarter way.

We help mining leaders evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and
improve performance across the mining cycle. Put another way, we help miners find smarter
ways to mine and unearth hidden business value.

And here’s how we’re different from other mining consultants:

Every report we produce is underpinned by our Smart Data System — the world’s most comprehensive site-level validated data. Our Smart Data System is filled with mining cost and productivity data across mining methods, commodity types, geographies, and more — collected and validated at site level to ensure accuracy.

This system enables us to rapidly benchmark and cross-check new data, providing an unprecedented level of insight and accuracy in our recommendations. It also drives our two world-leading cost modelling systems, which regularly deliver estimates within 5% of actuals.

Our Geometallurgical Assessment is a unique approach to process improvement that combines reports, letting us take a step back and assess your mine like the living, breathing ecosystem it is.

It combines what are typically three separate reports— geological, metallurgical, and mining engineering — into one, delivering a more holistic view that connects the dots to deliver step-change revenue increases of between 5–15%. Applied at pre-feasibility stage or earlier, we’re confident we can find closer to 50% or more.

Our Online Mining Intelligence™ works alongside you, providing data-driven advice that helps you understand where your next win is, fast.

How does it work? We start by accessing, cleansing, and analyzing your existing mine data against our industry benchmarks; then our technical team will monitor and provide recommendations for our in-house implementation team to deliver to you.

Recommendations long in theory and low in practicality destroy more value than they create. That’s why we only employ career miners with exceptional experience and the highest integrity.

People who understand both the art and science of mining, who won’t avoid the reality of the challenge — because while our data and systems are world-leading, it’s still our people who define us.

The AMC timeline

The business begins as James Askew Associates, a partnership of two operating from the front bedroom of a Melbourne home.
The Perth office opens. The business now provides feasibility studies for new mines in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
The company is renamed Australian Mining Consultants. The Brisbane office opens.
The UK office opens.
The company name is changed to AMC Consultants.
The Vancouver office opens.
The Adelaide office opens.
The Toronto office opens.
The Singapore office opens.
The Moscow office opens.


We’re always on the lookout for the very best professionals around the world and pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer.

In addition to advertising our vacancies as they arise, we also aim to recruit high-quality staff when they become available — even if there is no specific vacancy at the time.

If you think your expertise, experience, and qualifications would be beneficial to our operations, please submit your résumé to the appropriate AMC office.

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All our current vacancies are listed below, so make sure you have a look and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on future openings.

We acknowledge all résumés upon receipt within 24 hours. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Recruitment agencies are requested not to forward CVs unless specifically requested to do so by AMC. The advertising of a vacancy on this website is not to be taken as such a request. Where an unsolicited CV is forwarded to AMC by a recruitment agency, AMC reserves the right to contact the prospective employee directly. AMC will not be liable to pay the agency any fees if it secures the services of that person.