Rampura Agucha strategic planning and mine modernization case study

Rampura Agucha strategic planning and mine modernization case study

Project overview

AMC helped Rampura Agucha become the lowest-cost zinc producer in the world

The challenge

An intial site visit identified a resource that was being exploited well below its potential: approximately 1 Mtpa pa of ore was being processed with less than 10 m vertically of the orebody being mined each year. The team also found a fleet that was too old and small to achieve the mining rates required to realize the resource’s potential, as well as significant geotechnical issues.

The result

The relationship AMC developed with HZL at Rampura Agucha has led to Vedanta, the parent company, engaging AMC at all of their operations around the world including: all HZL’s Indian operations, Konkola Copper, Lisheen, and Zinc International’s Southern African operations.

Our approach

Over the next six years, AMC worked with the HZL management group in areas including:

Strategic planning: identified the true potential of the resource increasing the ore treatment to in excess of 5 Mtpa. This led to Rampura Agucha becoming the lowest cost zinc producer in the world. AMC’s team also developed the plans, from concept to feasibility, which have underpinned the development of the underground mine.

Site plan implementation: A key issue identified was the ability to realize the strategic plan. AMC worked with the site technical teams to develop planning systems linking strategic plans to the daily activity. This work included the planning calendar, meeting formats and technical infrastructure, all of which were still the basis for open pit planning six years after the project was completed.

Modernizing the mining operation: An initial benchmarking study illustrated to the management group the potential of modernizing the fleet. AMC then worked with HZL to identify the right fleet for Rampura Agucha and implement appropriate work practices to realize the potential of the new fleet.

Significant geotechnical issue: The AMC team worked with the site team to identify the correct slope regimes. It also focused on increasing onsite skill levels and introducing world-class geotechnical systems and practices.

Project facts

Company: Vedanta Resources Plc.
Operation: Rampura Agucha
Location: Rajasthan, India
Commodity: Zinc


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